Random Picture of the Week #26: The Flags Over Fort Sumter

This week’s random (last week’s) image was suppose to go live on the Fourth of July in honor of our nation’s holiday. But instead I spent my free time trying to get my domains back online. For some reason, auto renew did not work and I did not receive the notification until it was to late. So I am posting it now… The Flags over Fort Sumter.

Flags Over Fort Sumter

The Flags Over Fort Sumter

While on vacation we did a harbor tour of the Charleston Harbor. Part of the tour was a drive…err float by of the historic Fort Sumter. During the day, the fort has five  different flags flying over the fort. You will see two United States flag (1861 and 1865), two Confederate States flags (1861 and 1863) and the current South Carolina state flag (1861).

I won’t go into detail about the fort for now, when I write up my historical views of the fort and share more images of the exterior of the fort in the near future, you can see view them on the personal blog. For a complete history and historic images of the for check out Fort Wiki.

About the Image

I took this shot by hand and a rocky boat with my Sony Nex-3N with the Sony SEL55210mm 4.5-6.3 OSS Lens, then processed it with Adobe Lightroom to crop, straightened, and remove dust spots from the image. Then I post processed the image with Topaz Labs Clarity to add more texture, remove shadows, boost brightness and contrast. I then used Topaz DeNoise to remove noise from the image.

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